TUTORIAL: Scanning Vehicle Interiors | Recon-3D iPhone LiDAR scanner app | 3D Forensics | CSI

This is a tutorial on how to scan vehicle interiors using Recon-3D iPhone LiDAR scanner app.

Recon-3D is a scanning app that uses the Lidar sensor on the iPhone to produce high quality, accurate data. Watch the video and learn its workflow.

There are many apps available that give you good looking meshes, but few have a focus on accuracy. This is why Recon-3D is the most tested and validated App around. We only provide 3D point clouds since this is the rawest form of reconstruction data….


  1. Thanks for the video! I'm interested more in interior spaces, like big rooms with 4-6m high ceiling, industrial installations, hvac and pipes, that sort of thing. Been having a lot of success with the apps in this areas but I would like to know if there are better practices for this type of scan, right now I'm just walking around and trying to gather enough angles for the video. Sometimes I walk in circles, others from side to side.

  2. It seems your videos are only iPhone related these days. I don't have one so finding them more irrelevant each time.

    Still have the bell turned on but unless I buy an iPhone I might have to change this soon

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