Turn your Apple AirTag into a stealthy item tracker! #Shorts

#Apple #AirTags #iPhone

Disclaimer: Don’t use the methods shown in this video to discreetly place AirTag trackers on other people/their items. This is strictly for anti-theft purposes only you bad bois


  1. Thank you now I know what to get for my new motorcycle pheew!! I was worried about spending lots of money n a subscription just to track my bike "IF" it gets stolen, this is So worth it, Thank U!💯👍

  2. Wtf, this is so wrong. This could be used to stalk people. Don't do this, it removes one of the main features of the airtag. This does more wrong than good.

  3. first of all
    no one can track your airtags without your find my access
    second of all
    this can be used in bad ways
    third of all
    this just removes one of the main purposes of that airtag and now it can literally only be used for that one specific purpose now

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