Transfer Photos from iPhone to External Hard Drive-2022

In this tutorial, you will be able to learn the latest methods on how to transfer photos from iPhone to a hard drive no matter on Mac or PC or even without a computer.
Free download MobileTrans to transfer your photos from iPhone to external drive:

00:00 Intro
01:45 Transfer Photos from iPhone to External Hard Drive with MobileTrans
Step 1: Launch MobileTrans
Connect your iPhone and hard drive to your computer first. Once the connection is established,…


  1. When choosing mobile trans do I have to click photos to be transferred individually or is there a "select all" button. This would be good to k now before downloading the app. 'cause I don't want to click on 22,000 files individually. 🙂

  2. Will that app work with 29.000 photos? Every other option does not work and the main problem seems to be iCloud. I bought a sandisk – doesn’t work because I can’t download the actual photos onto my phone because I have no storage. The DCIM folder option doesn’t work either because when I click on it it’s empty and this is due to iCloud. The windows one doesn’t work also, for the same reason. I’m really stuck! Help please!!!😩

  3. I don't agree with your "Privacy" policy… Too much personal data is collected for this application and there are many apps offering the same user experience with no personal data collected. Uninstalled

  4. I tried every option in this video and nothing helped me. I can’t download the mobile trans app because it says it’s not compatible with my Mac book pro. I tried to sign into iCloud on my Mac and everytime I put in my password it says it’s wrong. I went and changed my password again and again and it kept saying it’s the wrong password. I don’t know how that’s possible. This is really frustrating me.

  5. Nice video > I have another question. How do you take a photo from an external SSD and transfer it BACK to the iphone Photos Library. ( where is the Photos library????) Thanks

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