they wanted me to use banana sniper

Device: iPhone XS Max 256GB
Apps for edit: VN video editor, Adobe AE
Apps for thumbnail: Photoshop Touch, Snapseed

My settings:

#codm #codmobile #mac10


  1. Btw i will make myself a ytchannel "from noob to pro" i play now since more than a year and still fuck up sometimes and i already use 4 Fingers to play for a looong time but its funny cuz youll notice that sometimes i really Rock the game in legendary or grindmaster and then i get last in a few rounds maybe youll have fun watching it and maybe u can help me explaining mistakes or so… ggs like Ur vids already subscribed

  2. If J3C snipes using akimbo fennec for next vid, I delete CoDM and reinstall back with all resources that I downloaded.

    P/S: I'll record it later if he did it

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