Making my iPhone Aesthetic (wallpaper, widgets, etc)

ive been chasing the aesthetic but when will the aesthetic chase me?

link to summer board 🌷⛅️✨🌼

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me sending all my luv to you ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡

music used in this video
Music by Grant Schaffer – Easier To Love –
Music by Sonic Nothing – Blush -…


  1. thank u for delivering! i cant express how happy i am that ur giving us so much content right now 🥺💕

    u have the most perfect energy when it comes to iphone decorum. the only person that loves it as much as i do. i use to feel weird about it because of my case addiction. people use to judge me for spending so much money on cases and u make me feel less insane lol. ur the only youtuber that i run to whenever theres a new upload no matter what im doing at that moment 💀

  2. Whats your pinterest?!😭 i need to get all these wallpapers, also can you put all the wallpapers you make on pinterest, i love the one you made 😍✨

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