iPhone vs Android | Which is best in 2022?

Comparing Apple’s iPhone vs Android smartphones in 2022 – should you go iOS, or grab a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy or one of the many other Android offerings? This quick guide reviews the phones themselves (including the Pro, Max and Mini iPhones, plus that awful SE 2022 thing), the apps situation, security, privacy, camera tech and more.

So which do you think is the winner in Android versus iPhone? Is Apple deserving of the crown, or should you get a Pixel, Galaxy or something else…


  1. Bought iphone 13 pro and got surprised when it couldn't hold 120hz for more than 30 seconds at a time in games. Sold it and bought Xiaomi 12 instead. That iphone sure felt like a waste of money for my usage but i can see why others want it

  2. About the maps: I've moved to the newly built houses and the road wasnt on the maps yet (checked Apple, google, herewego and osm) I've added it into OSM and TBH it appeared quicker on Apple maps then there. It took 9 months for the road to appear on Google ones, im not sure if its on herewego maps yet.

    Also, the battery life on iPhone13 pro is phenomenal, only once after hours of call of duty I did manage to go down to 15% St the evening, while somedays I have to charge my s20 fe twice per day. If iPhones would not require iTunes (on windows) it would be a perfect phone

  3. I think iPhone makes a lot more sense if you also use a Mac (and/or iPad, Apple watch, etc). They all work so great together. But if you don't, then the option to use Android becomes easier.
    For me, I'm locked into Samsung (Note 20 Ultra) because I just love having the sPen. Don't use it often but when I don't have it, I really miss it. Also I do appreciate many of the extra features that Samsung adds on top of base Android.

  4. Ipads and Their laptops are very good for work but not for having fun … for phones Premium Androids>>>>>>> Apple all the way..

  5. iPhone all day long.
    Dumped my Pixel 6 pro after 10 years of android. The bugs were driving me mental!

    IPhone 13 pro Max is an incredible phone. Battery life, performance, seamless integration with my 2015 MacBook Pro and I’ve since got the Apple Watch 7. I’m all in. It’s great. Just adds to your life.

  6. Moved from Apple to Android many years ago, due to being able to customize every aspect of the phone, also the ability to instal 3rd party apps. I do like the build quality and length of time Apple products are supported for, but Android are catching up.

  7. For me it always as been a non sense to buy apple things. It is just overpriced and dull. I don't like their design. Moreover they have no respect to the end user : treating people as child and Apple makes so much effort into making devices to be fragile and not repairable or upgradable. As a consummer Apple is just a bad choice.

  8. I used to love Android but as I've progressed in my career, I no longer have a desire or time to tinker around or deal with various bugs. I switched to Apple because I need a reliable device that just works. It's not perfect but it gets the job done 👌🏼

  9. I prefer Apple after going back and forth thruouts the years and I mean from the beginning of Apple in 2007 I was in line to get my first iPhone in Buffalo Apple store
    I will stick with Apple for now till Android comes with better video camera, till then take care.

  10. ive used ios and android . from xperia the xperia days to the iphone face id era . currently using pixel 4a . if price is not a factor . iphone is the better choice

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