7 tips you didnt know about iPhone photos.

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Here are 7 tips you didnt know about iPhone photos.
Here you will find how large you can print your iPhone photos. A way to print larger iPhone photos. As well as tips for the tripod to use for your iPhone including the phone holder here
Also tips on the iPhone night mode and different long exposure…


  1. Another ripper video mate. Thanks for clarifying what size A2 is. That’s a decent size for an iPhone photo and it’s nice to know we can go much larger. And that river photo… now that was the duck’s nuts! 😉

  2. Great video sir!!! But, can you please elaborate on the camera inversion technique? I'm not really understanding why turning your iPhone upside down would take a better shot as opposed to not turning it upside-down… Thank you!!

  3. Bloody legend! Upscaling isn’t new but Camera+ 2 seems to do a really good job with it, a lot less oil painting like so many others.

  4. Camera+ 2 is my main pro(manual) camera app and I was seeking for turning previous photos into ultrares for weeks! Thanks Shayne, worked like a charm.

    Also I’d like to get an advice from you. I own unlocked versions of camera+2, and procam 8. Which app would complete my photo apps collection in your opinion? I’m thinking of even longer but lifelong subscription seem way too pricey to me.

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